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Thursday, 24 January 2013

World's First Intelligent Camera Unveiled


Digital cameras of today are getting more advanced and smarter. If you still haven't heard, a new kind of camera will be released into the market this month. It's no ordinary photographic device because it is dubbed as the world's first intelligent and wearable camera.
Known as the Autographer, this device captures images in an automated manner once it detects changes in its surroundings. It is equipped with a GPS system and passive infrared sensor that is responsible for detecting motion changes in the subject or its surrounding environment. Additionally, it features other sensors that are able to detect changes in temperature, direction, acceleration and color. In total, it has five built-in sensors.
When this unique digital camera captures information, it automatically takes photos up to 2,000 in just a single day. The images are captured through the 5MP backlit CMOS sensor and a wideangle lens (custom 136 degrees).
This Autographer can take thousands of images thanks to its 8GB internal memory. It is very light weighing only around 58 grams or two ounces and has a fixed-focus lens.
Another intelligent feature is its Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to transfer images across other devices including smartphones and tablets. In short, you simply connect and beam your photos to an iPhone or other Bluetooth-equipped mobile devices and the recipients will be able to view the images immediately via a companion app.
How it works
In terms of images, this camera is able to capture natural, unexpected and genuine photos a person wouldn't otherwise be able to notice. Even the candid shots you were not able to see during your trips and gatherings are well documented.
What this means is that you and your family or friends can enjoy your get-together or travels without having to think about what subjects to take or the best angle to take your shots. This also means that you can easily share the stories of your travels on albums you create on your social media accounts because the Autographer captures everything in sequence.
As an example, you can capture the stages of the sunset through this device with absolutely no effort from you. This is because the shutter is triggered once the camera detects changes in the environment where it is situated. It can detect changes in movements, temperature, color and other factors. You can then view the images either as photos or stop-motion video. How cool is that?
Indeed, this new kind of digital camera is intelligent as it is. It has a mind of its own and lets you do your thing without worrying about the images you want to capture because it will do the job for you. No need to press the shutter or find the best scenes to capture. Just position it on a flat surface and it will record thousands of images even for an entire day.
This intelligent digital camera is due to be released this November at an initial price of 399 Sterling pounds. Early registrants will be the first to own this device like no other.
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