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Monday, 28 January 2013

Which Camera Type Is Ideal For Underwater Photography?


It's true that so many amazing sceneries can be found on land worth taking photos of. There are the beautiful landscapes, sunsets, mountain ranges, plains and a lot more.
But while these are easily available to people anywhere they may go while on land, there are also wonderful sceneries awaiting you at the bottom of the sea. And it's very possible these days to take images of what's underneath from sea creatures, plants and caves.
So what type of camera is best for underwater photography? Is it the compact point and shoot or the more advanced DSLR?
Experts point out that, of course, the DSLR is the sure winner. Being an advanced photographic device, it has its advantages over the compact unit. Firstly, one is able to change lenses depending on his needs in terms of focal length and optics. Secondly, it assures of quality images owing to its large sensor. Thirdly, it has reduced shutter lag and focus delays.
But of course, certain features of compact digital cameras should not be ignored. Despite their small size, they are also capable of capturing great photos under the sea.
Some advantages of a compact underwater camera include its small size and light weight which means it's very ideal for travel, less drag when underwater and lower cost compared to the DSLR. You should also know that a point and shoot camera can shoot video and in the event you get your lenses wet, you can always shoot using the macro mode in wide-angle.
Now if you're on a budget and would like to just get the compact digital camera for your underwater photography, what features should you look for?
The first consideration is a unit that has full manual mode. The experts believe this is an important factor particularly in controlling light.
Get a top quality housing for underwater use. There are plenty available today but if possible, find one that allows you to easily adjust the manual controls including the aperture and shutter speed.
Find out if the brand can take images in wet lenses, macro mode and wide angle. You can also ask if t is able to take fisheye lens.
Look for low shutter lag and long battery life features as well.
A good auto focus feature is also necessary so ask about it from the staff. Keep in mind that certain cameras are slow to focus when underwater.
Some older cameras that can help you achieve your goal when doing underwater photography are the Canon A570 and G9, Olympus 5050 and SP350. There are newer models, however, that can perform better.
One of the latest is the ReefMaster Mini. It is a dive camera that is totally waterproof and one that can be used up to 200 feet. This 9-megapixel camera is very affordable and features automatic settings for diving and snorkeling. It also comes with a color correction software and detachable wide angle lens.
The Canon S95/S100 is also strongly recommended. It comes in a Recsea housing made from solid aluminum and has F2.0 lens as well as a 3-inch LCD.
So choose wisely the digital camera that fits your need to ensure that you get quality images when snorkeling or diving.

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