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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Nikon Vs. Canon Digital SLR Cameras


For those of you who haven't used a digital camera before, you will need to choose between only two camera brands: Nikon or Canon. I believe that one can't go wrong with either digital camera. I've used both brands, and they are both excellent digital SLR camera. They both bring incredibly realistic pictures and whichever camera a user eventually buys they will each last for 20, 30, and maybe even 40 years to come. But before deciding on which brand it is essential to pick the traits you are searching for in a digital camera.
The Camera Itself
Nikon, for starters, has a lot of options, where Canon is more simplified. If a person is an amateur, who only uses it on particular occasions such as vacations and holidays, then a Canon is for them. But for those much more interested in photography, even going so far as to make a career out of it, the Nikon is probably more your speed.
The Pros Of Nikon SLR Cameras:
Flash Photography: If a person is shooting a wedding, well, in that case the person's camera is going to use a lot of flash from the lens. But truthfully, a Canon can not even do what a photographer looks for at any celebration. Nikon uses Flash Metering, the standard in photographic cameras, which is how the camera discerns how much light in the lens needs for the shot. This one trait leaves Canon twisting in the wind, especially when the photographer takes photos over and over in one sitting. Say a person is going to shoot 5 photos of the Grand Canyon with the Canon, well with the Canon each photo would be distinctive. However, a Nikon, will make all 5 pictures look exactly the same without fail. Now, if repetitive perfect pictures are more your thing keep in mind that if you do get the Nikon, and find yourself making mostly inside photos, then use the flash because it can bring in the most lighting to the photograph.
The Benefit Of Canon SLR Cameras
In all honesty, the colors and shades of Canon's photos are much more adjustable and intense. Art students particularly like this camera for that very reason; their professors want different photos of different colors, shades, and tones from them.
Now, assuming you prefer the Nikon there are mainly only two brands to consider:
THE D7000
This digital SLR camera has aspects that can make it greater than the D5100:
The Auto Focus is much simpler.
The camera could shoot a hurricane on the Gulf of Mexico, and it could still shoot fantastic pictures. No weather event is going to keep it from shooting great.
The Shutter Rate at 1/8000th of a second is twice as fast as the Canon.
Electric Batteries: That last 60 % longer.
2 Memory Card Slots: Perfect if on vacation and need to shoot many sites without the battery going dead.
Shooting Pictures: Takes photo or video shots at 6 frames per second. Which are 2 frames per second much more than the D5100. In other words, your camera shoots 1/3 more photos than the other photographer. So say you schedule shooting to wrap up by noon, well, if you shot 9 pictures by then well, the D5100 would only be able to shoot 6 to your 9.
Price: Twice as cheap, making it in your budget to buy a lens if your camera doesn't come with one.
Screen: Flip out monitor allows the shooter to know what the camera sees before or after they take the shot.
Size: Being 30% lighter than most other cameras it is perfect for people who carry a digital camera.
Review: It does not matter which digital camera you choose because they are both excellent. Canon and Nikon are the best in the industry, so no matter what camera you choose you are getting the highest of quality.
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