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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Photographer's Fitness Secret


Ever wish there was a simple and fun way to get fit?
A simple way to feel better?
A recent survey of photographers indicates your digital camera might be the secret fat-burning, health-building, mind-stimulating fitness machine you've been searching for.
It seems that switching from film to digital technology not only revolutionized the taking of pictures, but also how taking pictures affects our health.
Several factors contribute to this trend towards using digital cameras to improve fitness.
1. Digital Cameras are smaller and lighter than their old film counterparts. That means we're more likely to carry them everywhere and use them.
2. The cost of processing and printing film prevented people from taking pictures beyond what was deemed necessary. Since it is free to produce and share digital photos now, there are so many more opportunities to take photos. So we do.
3. Online photo sharing lets digital photographers freely share their photos with friends, family and colleagues via site like Facebook, Flickr, and hundreds of other photo sharing sites. We like to get out more in order to fuel our need to share.
4. Free photo editing software lets even the most casual photographer become an artist. Or at least appear to take better pictures than he might otherwise. Whether to improve a photo or add artistry, digital photo editing adds another dimension of fun to the digital photo experience.
5. Fun. The main reason digital photo taking has become the next fitness trend is that it takes the boredom out of walking.
We all know that walking is THE exercise most recommended by doctors. It's low stress, people of all ages and sizes can do it, and it offers great benefits for our muscles, bones, joints, circulation and mental health. It's a great way to slim down too.
But it's boring!
However, when you take your digital camera along, suddenly your boring walk becomes an adventure. You're on the hunt for the next great photograph. There's no telling what you might find.
It is a surprising truth, passed down through the ages, that what you look for you tend to find. So when you head out, camera in hand, hoping to find something amazing on your walk to photograph, you always do!
This new optimistic view has you looking forward to your next walk, instead of dreading it. Since you are eager to walk, you do it more instead of less. Next thing you know you feel and look better than ever before. The pounds go melting off without effort.
There are simple photo taking techniques that will triple your calorie burn too.
Many smart photography schools and programs are starting to incorporate these new benefits into their teaching. It's adding more students to the classroom and offering additional benefits to those who attended. Especially baby-boomers. It's a real win-win situation.
Why not jump on this most unusual fitness trend. Grab your digital camera next time you head out for a walk and see if you don't stay out longer and have more fun.
Could the digital camera be your best, hand-held, total mind-body fitness machine?
Try it and see!
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