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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sell Photography Online And Make Enough Money To Do It Full Time! Five Tips To Get You Started


Sell photography online.
As easy as organising your desktop!!!
Have you ever wanted to take photographs for a living?
Do you want to live a life full of passion, spending your time on activities you really enjoy?
Do you want a passive income that can free up your time?
You need to sell photography online because you have what it takes to become a photography entrepreneur.
It is as easy as it sounds to make an extra stream of income online. Whether an amateur photographer or a professional, you can still take advantage of this passive income stream.
Many people still don't know the power of this amazing opportunity and how it works exactly so I'll give you a couple tips to help you along the way.
Just think there are a bunch of people needing images as a focal point for their online business, blog, power point presentations, etc. You could be the one to provide them exactly what they need... at a cost.
Keep It Simple
Many times simplicity works beautifully. Some of the best-selling photos are often on something as simple as a rubber duck, a patch of green grass or a beautiful flower. When you're going anywhere just take along your camera and see what happens from there.
Be Creative
Let your creative juices flow as you consider the photos you want to sell online. Let your photo tell a story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What do you have to say with your pictures? If you don't like photography, have you ever considered selling your drawings or your computer animation?
Using sites like Google Trends and Google AdWords, can help you understand what topics are most popular and get a sense of what people are searching for. This will increase the chances of your photo selling well. From your own experience and perspective think what people would most like to buy.
Here are some great niches that will always sell well:
• Landscape 
• Business people indoors 
• Sport 
• Social scenes 
• Beautiful women

High Quality Images
Having high quality images are important as they show professionalism. After all someone will actually pay money to buy your photographs so it is worth the little bit of effort you put in. Approximately 12000 x 1200 pixels is sufficient. A large, high-resolution photograph is what you need to sell photos online.
Understanding Copyrights
Firstly you have to own the copyright on any pictures you sell. So make sure they are original and you took the pictures yourself. No copy and pasted photos will do I'm afraid! But importantly make you understand the terms and conditions of the copyright in the marketplace where sell the photos also.
With these tips... I wish you a most successful journey as you sell photography online.
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