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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Great Camera Takes Great Photos - Canon Rebel T3


The Canon Rebel T3 is THE number one seller online right now.

There are plenty of people buying their first Digital SLR Camera at this time, and as the holidays approach, that market will be even busier. If you are one of those who will be getting your first digital SLR, more power to ya!
And that "more power" can come in the form of a Canon Rebel T3. It is the cheapest product in the Canon DSLR lineup. But cheap does not mean it takes bad photos. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Take a look at the top selling digital SLR cameras for beginners. The list includes only Canon and Nikon models, and for good reason. Those two brands have a handle on the market because they offer lots of support from fellow photographers, as well as the manufacturers.
What about the "also rans?"
You could buy a Panasonic or Sony for sure, but you would be in the minority. It is hard to find people who use what may be termed "off brand" models. It always feels good when you are surrounded by a large group of like-minded folks. "Birds of a feather" and all that.
If you have a question, there will always be someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances to lend you a helping hand. With one of the less popular brands, that may not be the case.
The Rebel T3 has come a long way since the XS was released several years ago. It gives the user much better image quality because of the advances in camera technology. Granted, it does not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive models, but if it is your first DSLR, you will be quite satisfied with this camera.
More than likely, you will be surprised at how responsive a digital SLR is compared to your old point and shoot model. The difference is usually like "night and day." There is almost zero lag time between pressing the shutter button and recording the picture.
The fact is, your photography ability will rise exponentially just because you get better response from the camera. And those around you will have more respect for your picture taking prowess because they will be impressed with the camera in your hands. It is a very cool phenomenon.
Add a second lens to your arsenal and you will be set for a long, long time.
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