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Friday, 25 January 2013

Create Fantastic Looking PicturesCreate Fantastic Looking Pictures With Trick Photography And Special Effects With Trick Photography And Special Effects


This second edition of Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau is not only a great introduction to photography but will also take you to the next level as you learn how to create fabulous pictures that will amaze everyone that sees them. This e-book has nearly 300 pages, 9 hours of video tutorials and 300 high quality photographs that are hyper-linked to their original location on the internet. This means you can click on any photo in this e-book and it will direct you to the original photo on the web where you can comment on the photographer's great work and ask them questions if you want to know more about their image.
If you want to learn how to use the top secret photography techniques to create fantastic photographic images then Trick Photography and Special Effects is an exciting publication which guarantees to help any photographer improve their potential to take great pictures using the methods outlined in this downloadable e-book.
You don't have to own expensive equipment to take high quality special effect shots so If you're new to photography and have just bought a regular digital camera try experimenting with some of the techniques in this e-book, you'll be taking better pictures very quickly.
The Trick Photography and Special Effects e-book will reveal the tricks of the trade the professionals won't want you to know.
Here are just a few examples of the things you will come across in this e-book:
1 Learn how to take breathtaking special effects with just your regular camera
2 Setting the Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and White Balance
3 Improve your "regular" photography skills and to take better photos instantly
4 Long exposure effects including creating star trails
5 Photoshop projects
6 Light drawing with Maglights, Laser Pens, Fibre Optics, Glow Sticks, Sparklers and much more
7 Blending multiple exposures
8 Blurring waterfalls and beach scenes
9 How to take panoramic pictures
10 Taking HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo's
This e-book contains three main sections:
1. Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting.
Starts off going through the basic's like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO (film speed) and White Balance (lights produce different types of color temperatures), knowing how to get the right settings can be crucial in what your photo looks like. Try changing the White Balance on a few photo's and see the difference it makes!
He then shows you how to use what you've just learnt to produce stunning light painting images with Maglights, LED's, Fibre Optics and Laser Pens. The advantage that Maglights bring is the natural looking white light. The cap can be twisted to adjust the beam into a spotlight or a floodlight.
With each effect Evan goes into great detail showing how you can produce fantastic photographs.
2. Trick Photography and Special Effects.
Once you have got to grips with the basic effects in the previous chapter then the second section moves on to more complex special effects like Forced Perspective, HDR Photography, Panoramas, Infrared Photography and much more.
Taking 360°x180° panoramic photo's is one of the projects covered in great detail. Making a 360°x180° panorama means that you have to shoot pictures for all directions, including sky and ground, in order to be able to reconstruct that sphere he shows you how to use a program called Hugin to stitch the images, and Flexify to manipulate them even further. This technique requires some patience at first but in the end it is definitely worth it. You can then go on to stun your friends, family and clients with your fantastic looking pictures.
3. Photoshop Projects.
If you've never got around to using many of the features in Photoshop then these projects will show you how. Using layer masks is a great project to start with. The mask hides and reveals certain areas of your picture so if you have ever wanted to remove someone from a photo then these projects will show you what to do. Links to video tutorials are also included to help you get a better understanding of them.Some of the other projects include Shadow Illusions, Multiplicity Photography, Levitation Photography, The Invisible Man and Mixing Day with Night.
Becoming a good photographer can be hard work, not only in finding the right shot but getting a particular effect.The Author makes everything easy and enjoyable to follow so you'll be taking great pics in a short space of time.
I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn not just photography but adding that special something to a picture.
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