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Posing Secrets

A Step by Step Guide to Master the Art of Posing a Model

It is my pleasure to share with you my photographic insights, which I have managed to compound through my work with various people, attending meetings and seminars, reading books and articles and other ways and means of knowledge.  Feel free to browse through my site, any feedback would be appreciated.

Today, I would like to disclose with you a crucial basic model figure that is very powerful. I am confident that this will assist you in knowing the fundamentals, in order to achieve better and qualitative photo shoots.   

There is no better way to lay it simple for you, then guiding you through a set of photos with various poses.  It is imperative that you pay attention to details, as even an angle or a slight twist in a pose would change the dynamics of the whole set piece.

What I would like you to observe is the 'S' shape curved line in each of the following models.  This imaginary curve line can be plotted from the head, shoulders, through the hips and legs.  By mastering this basic yet skillful way to pose your models you will be adding grace, senusality and attractiveness in your poses.
If you would like to further your knowledge in this sector I suggest that you find reliable sources.  A valuable source that I have been recommending, and had many positive feed backs both from photographers and models, is Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone. It is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1 is a newly released practical resource for creative posing that will quickly show you clear and comprehensive practical steps to produce and communicate a pose for any situation.

Innovative illustrations concentrate on the lines of the body and its posture. The main components of posing are the body, legs, arms and head. Each is analyzed and their possibilities shown. You will discover how to develop your own poses and how to use your shoot time efficiently by following methods that easily communicate the pose that you want.

This is by far, the best comprehesive work around, for both photographers and serious models that want to excel in their respective fields.