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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Photographer, Artist, or Model - Why Not Become An All-In-One?


Not long ago I was talking to a college student who was a photographer, she was also an artist, but she looked more like a model. I asked her if she'd ever done any modeling, but she didn't really say so, I just have to assumed she had. She was dressed the part, but she seemed to be more interested in her photography college class studies, and fulfilling the classes for her prerequisites as an art major. Still, I realize that many college students have a tough time holding a decent job to pay the bills, and still going to college.
As we got to talking about the concept of modeling and photography, I asked her if she thought that she could find a way to take pictures of herself in some of the beautiful photography she'd had done. She noted that she usually didn't take pictures of people, mostly of landscapes, wildlife, architecture, and art. Nevertheless it seems that just as accessories are used on clothing, she could certainly be the model up against those beautiful landscapes and buildings. Why not, it would accentuate the photo. A beautiful girl in front of a beautiful landscape or sitting in front of a square against a magnificent building would be a nice touch.
She noted that there are some models that make a good living just taking pictures of themselves and selling them online. I don't doubt this for 1 minute, and we both noted that it is very difficult working with human models and getting them to do what you want them to do; striking that perfect pose, or that perfect smile or expression on queue. Is not nearly as easy as it looks, and someone with very little modeling experience doesn't look natural.
But the artist with a keen eye knows what they're looking for and they wouldn't have to explain it to the model if in fact they are the model. Consider if you will that Sylvester Stallone is now a director of many of his own movies which he also plays a part in. He knows exactly what he's looking for so he doesn't have to direct the actor, because he is the actor. In this way, things go much smoother, and he knows when it's perfect, and what he's looking for as he has a keen eye for this. Obviously he's had a tremendous amount of experience in the industry, and now he is not only an actor or an artist, but also the director and/or producer.
For a great photographer who also has the correct symmetrical looks, or perhaps cross-cultural facial features, it makes sense that they should indeed put themselves in as many pictures as possible. I'm sure they will be amazing. Consider how well the shots will come out and how much money time is saved from having a model. In the case of this college student, she probably couldn't afford to hire expensive models, but in a way she is her own model, and now she can take advantage of this, save money, and still have brilliant photography that people will buy. This can surely supplement her college expenses. Please consider all this and think on it.
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