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Thursday, 31 January 2013

2 Portrait Photography Clothing Tips To Lose Weight!

Today's portrait photography tip concerns clothing. Bright clothing to be exact. If you want your portrait photo to stand out in the crowd - and win photo contests - the clothing matters!
Today I have two tips for you.
Today's Tip #1 - Avoid bright clothing and clothing with bold, eye catching patterns.
Let's talk about bright clothing. With bright clothing we once again run into a problem with the viewer's eye being drawn away from the face. It's the same thing with loud patterns. Remember, the eye is automatically drawn to the brightest part of a photo.
Bright clothing will have the eye bouncing all over the place, with no distinct place to settle. In other words, for the viewer it is confusing. Confusing the viewer is something to be strenuously avoided. We want our photo to have ONE distinct star and there should be no confusion about what or who that star is.
Today's Tip #2 - When in doubt, go black.
Unfortunately in modern society, we have an issue with weight. The problem is, being over-weight is not the most attractive look in a portrait photograph! Keep in mind our goal is to make our subject look better than they have EVER looked in a photo.
Have them wear black or dark clothing. Preferably with no pattern. (And pose them at 45 degrees to the camera and have them sit up straight.) I'm sure all of you already know this, but I'm including it as an attempt to be thorough.
Why does it work to visually slim down our subject? It's the shadows. Highlights and shadows are what define form in a photograph. The eye picks up on these visual clues and they are what make us look fat!
If we eliminate them - and go with solid black for example - it is harder for the eye to pick out shadows. (Black shadows on top of black clothing.)
In addition to hiding the shadows, be careful of your lighting so that you keep the highlights on the clothing to a minimum - and keep all of the viewer's attention on the face.
These simple tactics can visually take 10 - 15 - even 20 pounds off our subject!
Following all these portrait photography rules can often be a real pain... but it is worth it. If you've been reading my portrait photography article series, you now know as much or more than most professionals. But here is the real kicker... most of the pros may know the rules, but they don't use them! THAT'S why you are going to start winning photo contests and be the "go to" photographer when anyone in your circle of friends and family wants a portrait. You'll simply be the best in your area.
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