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Monday, 2 March 2015

How to Turn a Model Into a Glamour Model in 3 Easy Posing Styles

Have you ever been stuck behind a camera trying to make up your mind what your next move should be when posing your model? Have you ever had a challenging model that no matter how hard you try to direct her posing, it just seems you cannot get it right? Rest assured that you are not the only photographer that have been faced with such a situation. Today I would like to share three simple posing styles that will kick start your photographic abilities in those uncomfortable moments, when you are lost for poses.

Laying the Model Belly-Down on the Ground

This is one of the safest and most effective ways when directing a model to pose. I like this particular style of posing, for the simple reason that no matter what size or how awkward the model is with posing, the results more often than not, turn out to be brilliant. The way the model is posed naturally on a flat surface, it brings out beautiful curves through out the whole body, from head to toes.

I suggest you shoot the model from the same perspective the model is lying down i.e. shooting on your knees or flat on your chest. From experience, this is the best effective approach for this type of shooting.

Shooting From a Higher Angle

When your model is a big sized model it would be a good thing to shoot a couple of photos from a higher angle to play around with perspective.  You can guiding the model to sit or getting down on her knees, would be enough to get this perspective. You can always use a foot step, a ladder, a tree trunk or anything that would add those little extra couple of feet in height. This angle is of particular use if the ground, that in this case would be your background, is of interest, such as, sand on a beach or grass at a park.

Leaning Against a Wall

In this straight forward type of posing, your model should lean against a wall. Either with her back or face against the wall. The model can improvise a lot of different poses by using her hands on her hips, against the wall or behind her head. A wall can be very helpful, for those novice models that are still finding it difficult to find their balance when performing certain poses, such as, squatting or other off-balance poses. This way you do not limit your choice of posing styles.

In managing to guide your model to pose in a way that is both attractive and dynamic, it is vital to bring out curves together with expressive eyes. In order to achieve the best from your models it is crucial that you are capable to pose a model properly.  This is why I suggest:

Malcolm Boone a master of photography will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model. I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look. It is definitely worth the money!

Author: Michael Abela