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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Postloop - A Legitimate Way to Make Money Online!

Forum owners all over the internet want to increase the activity on their forums and many are prepared to pay to do so. This is where we come in...

Just by signing up on Postloop you will be able to access these forums, submit some quality posts and you will get paid! There are many forums to join so the only limit is how much time you are prepared to put into it. And yes, I know what you are thinking, for us photographers... there are forums on photography, digital photography and more.

Once you have registered, you will need to also register for the Postloop portal, as shown below. Just join and then go back to your Postloop account and click ‘subscribe’ (make sure you subscribe – very important!)


The Postloop portal is a forum for Postloop users. You will need to make 10 posts in the Postloop portal, then they will review your account and approve it, usually within a few hours.

When posting here, make sure you give a reasonably detailed response (4-5 sentences is fine) and ensure your grammar and spelling are accurate. You can even start your own thread, which will certainly help to get your account approved. They are looking for people who make quality posts, so if you can do that you should have no problems getting approved.

Once approved, it’s time to get posting! I suggest you post in those forums that you are familiar with and you have a passion about.  Understandable, you will be more fluent and at ease to write on topics that interest you and have knowledge about. 

Postloop works on a points basis, so you are awarded points for each forum post you make. You can then convert those points into cash straight into your Paypal account.  The best part is that once you reach the minimum limit of 5 dollars you can cash out via Paypal.  You will see this in your account in a matter of minutes.


Still now sure how postloop works? Follow this youtube video:

POSTLOOP Video Tutorial