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Thursday, 24 January 2013

TIps For Taking Tasteful And Creative Boudoir Photography


There is a surprising trend happening in the world of photography that involves women taking sexy portraits. These two don't go together at all with traditional wedding photography or family photography. So, what could possibly allow a woman to express her self confidence and share intimate and personal photos with their special someone. This would have to be boudoir photography for sure. These are not the old fashion studio photos where you got the impression that you were looking at pictures taken in a hotel that rents by the hour. Boudoir photography is very tasteful with a hint of sensual and sexiness. Today's boudoir sessions are more about fashion and flair. Boudoir photography is about woman in lingerie and provocative poses.
Women are more comfortable with sexuality than ever before. It was only a matter of time before they demanded a change in how they were perceived in boudoir photos of old. The old dreary color faded photos of the past were no longer going to be acceptable. This isn't about creating a porn video either. It's an art form and it's not about taking your clothes all the way off. It's about creating a look that shows how amazing a woman's body really is. Photos they can share with their loved one that just say wow how amazing is my body and I'm proud of it. There are a few steps to keep in mind when creating and properly executing a boudoir photo shoot.
The best way to make your client feel comfortable during the shoot is working on your posing. Boudoir photography is no different than other forms of photography when it comes to creating comfortable and manageable poses. If your clients are uncomfortable then it will most likely show up in the shots you take. You need to bring out the best parts of each individual client's best features when shooting boudoir photography. Every woman is different as far as their sizes and shapes. So, you have to be able to figure out what parts of the body you want to feature. If your client has very large hips and she's extremely conscious of them. You want to take shots from the side and from above instead of head on in front of you. It's best to try and establish a rapport with the client to help them feel at ease. Don't just bring them in and start shooting.
You could go out and hire a bunch of professional to help build your portfolio and practice your skills. I feel it's better to work with regular everyday clients to work on improving your skills. With professional models it can be hard to determine which feature is their best. It can also hard to find out what is their worst. There is one plus to working with even amateur models and that is they are good at finding sensual poses that you can work with. It may take your clients awhile to get comfortable and they may not know how to position themselves in a sensual manner. This is the one area you may benefit from having amateur models to provide you with examples to use on our clients. Your job is to highlight the parts that your client feels are her best physical qualities and hide those that she doesn't feel comfortable about.
Lighting is very important in boudoir photography as it is with most photography in general. Flash photography can be very unflattering to natural skin. So, you want to use as much natural light as you possibly can. Avoid at all cost direct flash and use as little off camera lighting as you can get away with. Use soft lighting during your shoot which will allow for softer skin tones. Split lighting is a technique that I like to use in my sessions. I've tried this with natural lighting, but this doesn't work as well as use one main source of lighting. You place your light source at a 90 degree angle and preferable use off camera lighting that simulates natural light. This allows me to create a dramatic and a definite mood in my shots.
Picking the proper lens will also help you get the desired shot you are looking for. A zoom lens and the right camera angle is really all that's needed to get the perfect shot. You don't need multiple lens changes or camera changes during your shoot. You want to shoot level with the client and not from above. This will help make sure the proportions are correct and not unflattering.
Picking out the right outfit is another issue that you want to work with your client on. You don't want to pick out your clients outfit. You want them to feel comfortable in whatever they decide to wear. The item could have a special meaning or it could just be an item of clothing that they share during special intimate moments. You want your client to at least bring two or three different items for you to work with. You want to bring items that are a combination that allow you to undress and reveal another more provocative outfit underneath. This also allows the client to become a little more comfortable about taking their clothes off while a camera watches their every move.
You want them to stay with neutral colors like black, beige, and red. These work best with most skin tones. You also want the items they are wearing to fit. You don't want an outfit that is too tight on their skin. You also don't want one that lose fitting and falls off during the shoot. Remember you aren't shooting porn. You are creating tasteful art that isn't showing full nudity. Picking a favorite team jersey or a work shirt is always recommended as one of the outfits you'll want to use.
The biggest hurdle your going to face while shooting boudoir photos is getting your client to relax. If you are able to get past the nervous issues that arise. You should be able to create sexy and provocative photos for your clients to share with the loved one.
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