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Thursday, 24 January 2013

5 Tips for Setting an Attractive Price for Your Photography


If you could have it your way, you'd most definitely set your photography prices as high as possible. But in the real world, doing this often results to poor sales, or worse, the eventual failure of your business. A high price is often seen as luxury, and it always comes with high expectations. A low price, on the other hand, gives an image that your services are not up to par with the industry's standards.
So to attract clients and regular customers, it's a must that you set your prices right.
It's understandable that photography pricing can be a bit confusing to most photographers and business owners; and in some cases, a puzzle or a dilemma. If you're one of these people, here are some tips and reminders to make sure you set an attractive price for your photography.
1. Never, ever mislead. It's not a big secret that misleading prices almost always taint your reputation. It's fascinating, though, that there are still many photography companies who give into the temptation of blinding consumers with too-good-to-be-true offers and promotions. But remember, the business suffers in the end if you give into this tactic.
2. It's better to value-add. As previously mentioned, setting your prices too high or too low has negative consequences. But on the other hand, introducing competitive prices also has some issues that you need to address before clients start flooding in. After all, many clients are already loyal to their favorite photographers who offer a competitive pricing structure. So to beat the competition, you may want to add extra services that your competitors don't normally offer. For instance, if you're planning on charging your clients per session, you might want to give them freebies such as extra blowups, free picture frames, or free pictures.
3. Create a clear-cut set of terms and conditions. This cannot be overly emphasized. If you want a smooth-sailing transaction and to prevent future headaches, provide your clients with all the necessary details that they need to know before sealing the deal.
4. Introduce creative packages and discounts. Your ability to think outside the box will gain new customers and increase your clientele. Examine the rates, packages, and discounts offered by the competition and come up with a package that the industry has never seen before. For instance, instead of a discount-on-your-next-session offer, you might want to give them a VIP card. If you treat your clients like kings and queens, they'll definitely love you more.
5. Money and profit comes next. Build a brand. One of the most overlooked processes of startups is the branding. Everything that you do, say, or offer today will affect the future image of your brand. So if you want to build up on your reputation, make money-making your second goal. Instead, work on pleasing your clients' needs and demands. In time, you'll see an influx of clients, phone calls, and other requests.
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