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Monday, 31 October 2011

On Location Photography: Finding Interesting Places to Hold Your Photo Session

When I first started photography shooting strictly on location, a couple years back, finding a location for photo-sessions seemed to be such an obstacle for me. Where can I shoot that's really interesting and eye-catching? I asked myself. A few years later and much more knowledgeable, I can definitely say the background is not as important as you may think. It's all about drawing the eye to the subject/subjects with minimal distractions (usually).

Rhian Sugden
Now I don't mean to take some of the fun out of it, finding a suitable location and adding a personal touch is really a great thing. Aside from the obvious (parks, clients' home, etc.) here are some really great places to shoot that I have had luck with:


Live near a city or a trendy spot people like to hang out in? Just take a walk downtown sometime and find the many cool places you can capture in one 30 min-1 hr long session! (Parking garages, brick buildings, funky doorways/window frames, benches, capture your subject walking down the sidewalk...the list goes on!


Want to add a bit of grit or contrast to your image? Visit your local junkyard and ask for permission to use the location for a shoot (make sure they sign a release!) This can add contrast if you had a female wearing a formal cocktail dress or a bathing suit and really adds a bit of grit to your images no matter what your subject may be wearing.

Country Side 

Rhian Sugden
Forget about the parks, they are so overpopulated and well, expected! Surprise your client and take them on a short hike through a nature trail. Nature trails are so great because you will usually stumble by a lot of interesting parts of nature to play with in your photos. You may see a riverbed, maybe a lake, a beautiful part of the forest (if you are shooting a couple, have them carve their names in the tree and take a personalized portrait). Maybe you will find a fallen tree and use it as a bench, steer away from the norm you usually find at parks and surprise your client.

Again it's all about your client: the less distractions the better. One of my favorite places to go is this field nearby with tall grass(in the autumn everything is golden and adds a nice warm touch) and wide open space with not much around to distract the eye. Now you can step it up a notch and play with this a little or a lot. By placing a couch, chair or trunk in the photo, you will find it easily adds a rustic elegance and provides your client with a prop to sit/lean on, trust me they will absolutely LOVE it!

These are just a few places I have had success with and definitely a great starting point for on location photography.  After shooting more sessions you will feel comfortable with exploring on your own and finding other favorite places to take your clients and impress them with your photography skills!

Nikoleta Lozanova
Author: Amanda C Glisson
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Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Online Portfolios Don't Get You Discovered

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Brooklyn Decker
Only knowledge and hard work will.

So you have an online portfolio. Great, and not in the sarcastic way, because you need as much exposure as you can get But don't expect to get discovered or famous with a portfolio hosted on Model Mayhem, One Model Place or any of the others. It just doesn't happen.

We are sorry to announce this but, the guys from Ford, Wilhelmina and any other major agency are not surfing the web looking at these sites. You want to model for any of them, you go to a cattle call. If you don't believe us, try to find a single agency model who was discovered on any of these sites.

So what are you supposed to do as a model?

First, don't go tearing down your port. There is a huge use and need for them. This is how you gete some experience, and if you follow our advice it will be good experience. Shooting with a range of photographers, MUA's, etc. will help if you ever do get booked with an agency, but you have to work for that.

Kelly Brook
Let's stick with the portfolios. Your online portfolio will help you get experience, which is great, but don't expect it to translate into a professional shooting situation. So many photographers do not work in a professional manner in any way, no agreements, no stylist, hair, etc. When you shoot for an ad or a fashion shoot, you have all of these things and more, even if it's a non-paying shoot.

So the point is that these shoots (the ones you find on the MM, OMP, etc., sites) will get you comfortable in front of the camera. They will not get you discovered.

Who uses the online portfolios?

Basically other people in your position. People who are not signed to an agency and if they are signed to an agency and their agency is using one of these sites as their model board, they aren't a large agency, that's for sure.

If you were to go to an agency, who usually don't care if you have a portfolio anyway unless it's full of tear sheets, and try to pull up your Facebook, MM, OMP or any other online portfolio, they may ask you to leave. Ok, they may not ask you to leave, but they will not take you seriously as a model.

Joanna Krupa
What should I do as a Model?

Again, keep your online port to get shoots with other locals, just don't expect it to get you discovered. You absolutely need to have a physical portfolio to carry with you to go sees. Even if you're marketing yourself to the local fashion stores, you need to take them a physical port for them to thumb through.

But I've seen real models on (MM, OMP, etc.)

Yes you have and so have we. The difference is that they are already with an agency, so this is secondary to their agency or they are doing this work for fun.

This could also be used to fight fraud. The more images of a model online the less of a chance someone else will claim to be her.

One way to have a legitimate online presence

Create your own site with your own domain ( and put your "absolute best" work on there. Then you can send people to your online portfolio with a hope of being taken seriously.

Author: Guy S Hoops
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Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How to Create Microstock Photos That Sell - The One and Only Tip That You Need to Know

A few months ago while at the market, I have come across an old friend of mine. For a short period of time, we use to meet at university between lectures and observe ads on notice boards. It turned out that a good 75 percent of these adverts were looking for other students to share their rented apartment. What all these adverts lacked, was a good description of the apartment.

Instinctively we realized that these adverts were not getting the message across. In due course, we contacted those interested in sharing their rent and offered our photographic service and idea. Soon photos of apartments were popping up all over the notice boards, with just a title and a contact number. Did it work out for the seller? Sure it did, the positive feedback they got was overwhelming. The photos just did the talking.

Good photos must be marketable!

Ana Hickmann
What is the whole point behind this little story? A good marketable photo must be able to sell. Our minds are all the time being bombarded by photos everywhere we look. On the internet, billboards, brochures, newsletters, magazines and what have you. It is crucial that your photos stand out from the crowd. A photo is not a picture. A picture depicts a subject while a saleable photo should entice the viewer in wanting what is being offered.

Time and time again we come across technically perfect photos but yet they do not deliver. A perfect photo is one that tells a story and leads the watcher into a journey, making the viewer wanting more. These are the type of photos microstock houses are always on the look out. They are not searching for snap shoots and point-and-shoot pictures.

Planning is crucial

In producing such marketable photos one must put thought and plan a photo accordingly. Going back to my little story, when we shot the apartments we took care of every detail. We included the human touch by including persons doing everyday jobs, like watching TV or cooking in the kitchen. It was made sure that merits and any advantages of each and every particular apartment were brought out. The time of the shooting, quality of light and type of gear, as for the technical part, were all taken into consideration.

Ana Hickmann
To sum it all up, in creating viable photos, thought, time and planning are needed. If you just squeeze in a couple of shoots in your very limited spare time, the chances are that you would not create anything that is saleable. Commit yourself and success is guaranteed.

If you are still a novice and you do not know from where to start, I strongly suggest that you have a look at this incredible product - DigiCamCash A step by step guide on how to turn photos into cash!

Author: Michael Abela

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Adope Photoshop – Tips On How To Remove A Background From A Picture

Jordan Carver
Today we shall be learning how to get rid of a background from any image, which can be difficult as well as time consuming, but in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial for newbies we are firstly going to discover how it may be simply accomplished by just making use of the lasso tool…

Let’s begin through getting rid of a background, so right before we start any of the methods, simply copy your background layer. By doing this, we’ll have a file backup of our initial picture just in case anything goes completely wrong. You will also have to get rid of the visibility of the background layer simply by un-checking the eye symbol.

Furthermore, we’re able to use the lasso tool, that is great for identifying items having complicated edges set against contrast colorings. Simply by selecting the lasso tool, we can decide on the section we want to keep in the graphic.

Now following selecting the wanted area, click on the move tool. You will notice that you can now move the determined section and your background will stay empty. Copy the selected area (Ctrl + C) and stick it in your workspace (Ctrl + V). A new layer will appear on your layer panel… You’ll be able to delete the duplicated background layer as well as un-check the eye to get rid of the visibility.

Moving forward towards the final touches, we’ll make use of the magic wand tool to eliminate the undesirable regions. Find the tool and then click on the unwanted region and hit delete. Last but not least, make a fresh layer in order to add in a background of your desire.

Rebecca Romijn
So moving forward, here’s another way to take out the background out of an image by using Photoshop…

The first thing that you need to do like before is to open up the picture whose background you want to get rid of. Next choose the Magic Wand Tool in the Tools box. The Magic Wand application is a fantastic tool to get the graphic you are attempting to select roughed out for additional manipulation. This tool will pick a part of the graphic based on the coloration of the image.

Next You click on the graphic to make the first selection, and then hold down the shift button while clicking to continue adding selections, til you have the whole graphic that you would like to eliminate selected. At this point you will probably see that not the whole picture has been selected, or the selection just isn’t really clear looking. To correct this, Photoshop includes a pretty useful built-in tool to help you tidy up the selection.

Kayleigh Pearson
So, right under the color selection area within the Tools box are 2 small symbols that look like digital cameras. The main one directly on the right is Modify in Quick Mask Function, just click this and whatever you haven’t chosen shall simply turn red-colored. You’ll be able to operate the eraser tool to boost the selection, as well as the paint brush application to cut out from your selection. Right after utilizing these tools to clear up the selection, click on the Edit in Standard Setting button to look at the completed selection.

You may just click Edit, Copy and then check out File, and then New, to open a different picture. Adobe Photoshop will check out the picture that you’ve copied on your clipboard, as well as size the new graphic to the exact same measurements as the graphic copied. After that paste your replicated image to the brand new image, and you’ll have a new image which includes a clear background.

Author: David Peters
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Top 5 Tips to 'Break the Ice' During a Photo Shoot


I have been approached by quite a few photographers and models expressing their concern about feeling nervous, edgy or uncomfortable during a photo shoot. The reasons for this might vary from one person to another, still, there are some practical things that would help if implemented in order for a photo shoot to run smoothly, be productive and why not, be more fun.

Today, I would like to share with you these five helpful guides that I have found very practical during my work.


Sophie Howard
In order for both of you to feel at ease, it would be ideal if you set a meeting before the actual shoot. The meeting can be formal such as discussing the photo shoot with the model at your studio. If you do not have such facilities, you can always opt for an informal meeting such as discussing the photo shoot at a café. In so doing, this meeting would help to break the ice in order for you and the model to be more at ease with each other, towards a more effective photo shoot. Such meetings should be conducted in a professional way i.e. being polite, cordial and focused.


A good way to start a photo shoot would be to put on some music in the background. This can be done both for outdoor or studio shooting. Ask the model beforehand what style of music she likes or any particular tracks that are her favourites. Many models find it much easier to pose with music in the background. As a photographer you can ask the model to dance if she feels more confident in doing so. That way you can shoot without having to direct poses for the first few minutes of the photo shoot. Some of my best photos have actually originated from these first few moments.


It would be a good idea to have some refreshments, coffee or tea and sweets available. These can turn out to be very helpful in those particular moments, when the model gets stuck or tensed up, especially during a long challenging session.

Eva Wyrwal
Cheerful Attitude

Needless to say having a couple of jokes up your sleeve to through around while you are shooting would definitely help and be much appreciated. Please do not over do it and make sure that the jokes are of good taste!


It is important that you compliment your model all through the session. You should use words that enforce the good work that is being done from her side. Words such as 'great', 'wonderful', 'fantastic', 'brilliant' and 'awesome' would give the model more confidence and perform better. You should use general terms and at no time, should your comments be sexist or racist.

Together with my above tips you can invent other original ways and means towards creating a calm and relaxing environment for your photo shoot. It should be your primary target to break those barriers that inhibit both you, as a photographer, and the model from giving the best during a photo session.

Are you still finding it difficult to direct your models? It is imperative that you keep abreast and update your posing repertory so that you never get stuck behind a camera.

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Author: Michael Abela

Friday, 21 October 2011

Adobe Photoshop – Using Photoshop To Extract An Image From A Photo

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In Photoshop, there are numerous strategies to extract images, however in this tutorial I want to show you a quality way to get rid of those annoying images you want removing. I haven’t actually come across this technique elsewhere online, so I thought this would be ideal to begin a new series of photo tips for beginners. The beauty of this method is that it uses a soft brush edge so the edges don’t seem quite so jagged.

Denise Milani
So, the first step to take is to choose an image that you want to get rid of in a photo, and then set the foreground color to black, and the background color to white. Then, find the brush tool and set the master diameter at 10px with hardness set at 0%. The next thing to do is to unlock your layer, and then just add a layer mask on the photo.

Then zoom in close up and use the brush tool to outline the image. Hold down the shift key for the longer straight bits. I normally hold down shift all the way through to acquire a natural smooth line. I should like to mention here that if you need to select tinier bits of an image, then alter the dimensions of your brush to a size less than 10px.

Finishing that, just hold down the ALT key and click on the layer mask simultaneously. Be sure you’re clicking the mask on the layer and not just the layer. Choose the Magic Wand application with Contiguous checked and Anti-alias unchecked. Then click on the external white section which is the part you do not want to remain in the image.

Go to the toolbar and head over to Select – Modify – Expand and adjust to 5px. Next convert the background color to black and after that hit the delete key. It will probably still leave several very small areas which you don’t want on the edges of the image, so you must go back and use the 5px brush to fill in such areas so they’re black.

Kirsten Dunst

So, hold down Option and then click simultaneously on your layer mask to go back and fourth to view the actual image. Once you have eventually completed cutting it out, just hold down Option and click simultaneously on your layer mask and you will have finished. You’ve just managed to eliminate the image using Photoshop, so I really hope that you found these photoshop tips for beginners helpful.

Author: David Peters

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to Find a Model for Your Microstock Online Photos

There is a particular niche that you as a photographer need to consider, if you want to be successful when submitting work for any of the many micro stock agencies on the internet. I am referring to those photos, where you have people doing an everyday thing, interacting with each other, practicing a sport or executing a profession or skill at their respective workplace. In order to be capable to produce these types of photos there is a crucial factor. You need a model.

If you are still new in this area, most probably you are lost as from where to start looking for a model and how to eventually proceed. After reading the following helpful tips, I am sure you will be more confident about the way you should approach and tackle this issue.

Finding the Right Model

Christine Veronica
A very straight forward option would be to approach a model agency and you hire your model. Needless to say, since you still testing the waters, this would turn out to be too expensive and too intimidating. Models working for agencies are seasoned models with a number of years of experience under their belts. These are usually paid by the hour, so if you do not plan your session well ahead and work efficiently, it can cost you a fortune. If it is not an assignment that you know your income beforehand, in order to calculate your expenses, I suggest you stay away from agencies at this stage.

But who said you need a professional model? In fact, you will do better with less experienced models for these types of photos. After all, you are not shooting fashion or portrait photos. The model most of the time will be part of a scenario or act when shooting for a micro stock agency. Typical photos would portrait the model typing, answering a phone, handling files or conducting a meeting. So where do you find these inexperienced models?

Drama and Modelling Schools

Here your chances are that you will find models that are eager to build up and compile their portfolio. Like you, they are still inexperienced and are not willing to pay high fees for a 'professional' session. The model would pose quite gladly for your micro stock assignments in exchange for your service and a portfolio on a DVD or a set of prints. This way both you and the model would benefit.

Marisa Miller
Work Colleagues

You will be amazed by the number of people around you, at work, that would pose for you for free out of sheer adventure, experience and a couple of prints. You can try and ask politely your superiors to circulate an email or put a notice on your office notice board, for any models that might be interested to pose for you. It is important that this does not create any conflicting interests with your job. Always seek your superiors' approval.

Family Members

This is the cheapest you can go. Possible candidates can be your parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunties. You can extend this to friends of your family members. Make yourself accessible to them in order for them to be more co operative. Offer your service to them on particular occasions such as parties, holy communions, confirmations and engagements. Again, this is a two way symbiotic relationship where by which everyone tends to profit.

It's important to keep in mind, that for every person that is recognisable in a photo, it must be accompanied by a model release form. It is essential that you upload the relative model release forms when submitting photos for reviewing. In its absence your work will be rejected.

Another important aspect that must not be overviewed, is the way you pose your models. It is imperative that you have a degree of expertise in the subject. This way you avoid being stuck behind the camera when facing models.

Irina Shayk

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Author: Michael Abela

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Bikini Photo Shoot


Lucy Pinder
No portfolio is complete until it includes at least a couple of bikini photo shoots. This is a must, especially if a model is interested to model in sectors promoting party clothes, swimwear and lingerie items. In short, bikini shoots tell so much about a girl's body. This is the time for a model to strum her stuff and show what she is really made of!

The following tips should be helpful both for photographers and models in doing a successful bikini photo shoot:


Planning ahead the location of the shoot is crucial. It must be taken in consideration the amount of privacy available both for a relaxing shoot, as well for the model to change clothes (public toilets can be very helpful). Take note on which days/time the beach/coast is least frequented. Children, pets and people swimming in the background would add unwanted 'noise' to your photos.

Posing Sequence

Genevieve Morton
It is of utmost importance that you plan you posing sequence for your session. I am referring to those instances when the model is directed to lie down on the sand or sit on a rocky area. Sometimes it is time wasting or almost impossible to remove efficiently the sand that persistently clings to the model's body. Likewise, if the model is to enter in the water, take in consideration wet hair and clothing attires. I suggest that these shoots are left for the last part of the session.


Demand that the model wears loose clothes 2 hours prior the session. This way any marks on the model's skin, such as left by belts, bra straps and fitted clothes are avoided. Keep in mind that time is money for both of you and waiting for unsightly marks to fade away is a waste of time. Planning these things would reduce the amount of work that you as a photographer have to spend editing the photos later on behind the computer screen. Eventually the model would save money too.


Heidi Montag
If the model is interested to get a perfect tan for the day, make sure that is planned beforehand. I regularly suggest models to choose their sunbathing costume with care in order to avoid awkward tan marks as a result. Strapless bra tops and low rise thongs are ideal. That way when wearing your bikini attires for the shoot your tan would be even all over the whole body.


Swimwear that contains excessive reflective accessories such as golden/silver chains, bangles or buttons ideally should not be used for photo shoots. These produce unattractive hot spots when reflecting sunlight. It also makes it tricky for us photographers to control the amount of light entering through the lens. Girls keep your bikini simple!.

I am confident that if you keep these simple guides in mind when doing your next photo shoot, your work will be more effective and rewarding.

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Author: Michael Abela

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top 3 Qualities Needed to Succeed in Selling Photos Through Microstock Agencies

I am sure, many amateur or seasoned photographers have come across an advert or an article promoting the potentials of microstock photographic online business. But, is this type of business right for you? Have you got the characteristics needed to excel in this type of enterprise? Today, I would like to analyse with you those few characteristics needed, in order to succeed in selling photos online.


If you are reading this, I understand that you simply like the idea of turning your photos into money. However, have you got the time to do it? Are you ready to free some time to dedicate yourself to this online venture? It is important to comprehend, that while the thought of selling photos online seems quite straight forward, in reality there is work to be done.
Lucy Pinder
Let us be practical. You need to plan your shooting, do the actual shooting, edit your images, tag your photos and then finally submitting them, hoping that the microstock house accepts your photos. By pointing out this, I am in no way discouraging you, on the contrary, I am laying the cards on the table so that you know what to expect.
I admit that when I started out I had many of my work rejected. Though my photos were photographically great, they did not reflect the market needs. In coming up with good marketable ideas you simply need time.

Research and Updates

You might have found a niche that is working out for you. Your photos are being accepted by the microstock house and downloads are raving up. If so, I must congratulate you as you have grasped the whole idea behind the concept in selling photos online. Do you relax back and keep on recycling the same ideas? No way. It is important that you keep being creative and inventive.

Research is a vital key in this business. Keep yourself updated at all times, in order to keep abreast and be aware of all the things that are going on, in your particular field. Browse around and observe what is working for other photographers. On the other hand, the free sections can give you an idea of what type of work is being reject. Most of the time, these are brilliant photos of which the microstock house has more than enough in its library, since they are repeated ideas and themes.


Kate Beckinsale
As with most jobs and activities in life, two crucial virtues that you need to master are perseverance and determination. Likewise, the same principals apply to excel in this online business. Starting out is always a challenge. By submitting work regularly you will beef up your portfolio and improve your reputation as a microstock photographer. The higher is your ranking, the more you will be noticed by potential buyers.

Believe in your capabilities and your work, and I can guarantee that you will achieve your goals and dreams.

If you are still a novice and you do not know from where to start, I strongly suggest that you have a look at this incredible product - DigiCamCash A step by step guide on how to turn photos into cash!

Author: Michael Abela
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Monday, 17 October 2011

How To Whiten Teeth on Adope Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful photo editors around today for simple and complicated photo touch ups. Today, we will go through the steps of how to whiten stained teeth in your digital photos.
Candice Swanepoel
Stained teeth are often the result of too much coffee or other staining foods. Lots of people will shell out hundreds of dollars for professional teeth whitening or over-the-counter whitening kits. Using photo retouching software on your digital photos can whiten your teeth quickly and easily, making your photos perfect for printing out or sharing. There are many different ways to approach this, but the method below is the quickest and most accurate.

10 Easy Steps for simple and effective teeth whitening on Photoshop:

1. Open your image in Photoshop. Almost any version will work. As of date, the most recent version is CS5.

2. Create a duplicate layer of this image. Right click on the layer, select "duplicate layer" and rename this layer as "teeth." You want to do all of your edits on this top layer so if you make any mistakes, you always have an original, untouched version for back up.

3. Enter quick mask mode. You can achieve this by pressing the letter "Q" on your keyboard or clicking on the circle in a square button on the bottom left corner of your keyboard.

4. Select an appropriate size brush tool that is a little smaller than the teeth you are about to paint over. Make sure BLACK is selected in your color palette and begin to carefully paint over the entirety of the teeth that need to be whitened.

Indiana Evans
5. As you paint over the teeth, you will see that it will show up as a transparent red, even though black is selected. This is correct, as you are masking off the teeth with your brush. If you make a mistake (e.g., getting part of the mouth as well, etc), you can select white on your color palette and paint over to correct your mistakes.

6. When you are done painting, press ctrl+i (command+i on a Mac) to invert your mask. After doing this, the rest of the image should be red with only the teeth showing.

7. Press the letter "Q" again or press the quick mask button to exit quick mask mode. You should see a selection (marching ants) around the teeth you've selected.

8. Press ctrl+u (command+u on a mac) to open the Hue/Saturation palette. Click the drop down menu in the new dialog box and select Yellows.

9. Slide the Saturation slider to the left until most of the yellow stains disappear. Then slide the Lightness slider slightly to the right to brighten the teeth a little bit. The corrections you do here are all subjective, depending on how white you want the teeth to be.

10. Finally, select Master on the drop down and slide the Lightness slider to the right a little bit to give the teeth a bit more brightness. This step is optional, depending on how white you want the teeth. Press ctrl+d (command+d) to deselect and that's all there is to it!

Remember not to whiten the teeth so much that they are true white, this will make it look unnatural and obvious that the image has been doctored. Most people have off-white colored teeth, and older people have more darker teeth as well.

This method also works well to brighten the whites of eyes.

Author: Sheryl L.
Article Source:
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Saturday, 15 October 2011

How to Choose a Model for Your Photo Shoot Assignments - 7 Tips to Make the Right Choice


Female and male models are not short in supply. You can find all types and sizes. You might say that photographers are spoiled for choice. Right? On the contrary, choices are limited. As a photographer, how many models have come across your way and left a good impression on you? I do be surprised if your number is in double digits.

So the next question comes naturally. What qualities did these few models possess to make them stand out from the crowd? The answer lays in tiny details that most of the times are overlooked by average photographers. Today, I want to share with you seven vital aspects, in order to make the right choice when engaging a model.

Candice Swanepoel

I am sure you have been to a party. People are coming in and most of them pass unnoticed. Then a particular person enters and all heads are turning. It is not the dress or because the guy is good looking, it is simply because the person has got personality. It is the way a person carries himself, walks and talks. Look out for these types of models.


Is the model capable to get a message through? Is she shy? Does she respond to your directions? Is there are a problem with the language you both speak? All of these and other communication issues would definitely slow down your photo shoot.


A person that is charismatic and energetic is better than a person who is moody and with pessimistic tendencies. Needless to say, the chances are that you get more productive work from the former.

Ashlynn Brooke

What is the use in having the best model but yet not accessible? A model that is readily available on short notice and makes her outmost to fit in your schedule will make your work much easier.


Time is money. You merely cannot tolerate late comers. Unfortunately, some models cannot help themselves from arriving late for most appointments. This is crucial, particularly, if you are renting a studio, paying makeup artists and hair stylists.


It is a know fact. Some persons have positive attitudes, others have negative attitudes. Attitude is the way a model responds to show its dislike or like. Attitudes are not easy to change and it is not your job. Simply try pointing out models with the right attitude.

Marketa Janska
Personal Hygiene

I have been faced up with models having broken nails, straw-like hair or horrible makeup. Not to mention cleanliness and odours. A true model does not simply wake up in the morning and decides to be a model. It takes discipline, determination and work. Some are natural born models; others take time to be moulded into models.

Next time you book your model, choose your model wisely. There is more than meets the eye. Apart the obvious merits such as looks and size, one has to consider other factors that are as much as important. This way you would be avoiding engaging models that are below your expectations.

Author: Michael Abela
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Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!