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Friday, 25 January 2013

My First Steps in the World of Digital Photography - Choosing the Right Camera


A lot has changed in recent years when it comes to digital photographs. Cameras can be found at every step, mobile phones, tablets, computers, music players, watches, etc. Many of them, however, is used to video conversation or to share your pictures. Unfortunately, you can not say about the pictures that are professional quality. A lot of people think it's enough. Well, maybe so, but these pictures are suitable only to show on the social profiles or websites and not often are suitable for printing or processing.
However, we are not enough. We want to keep an image of a family, a place, an event on a high-quality pictures, to be able to print them in the future, enlarge or edit. So what do we do? We are buying digital camera. The so-called dSLR (digital SLR). This is a camera that combines features of a digital camera with a professional SLR camera optics. And here we encounter the problem.
What camera to choose?
There are so many on the market.
Which is the best?
So let's start from the beginning, bearing in mind that this camera will be used to learn photography. It has to be something easy to use, but should also have a professional camera features.
Should I buy a new or used camera?
If you do not mind to have something that is used by someone else, I recommend to buy used camera, paying particular attention to the condition of the camera is. In what state are the lens, is there are no scratches on them. In what state is the sensor. Are all the camera functions are working without a problem. Scratches on the casing or torn cover does not interfere with taking good or perfect pictures, you can also very easily repair the damage or replace. However, if you want to possess a new camera and you do not wish for this money, go ahead. It's your hard earned money. However, no matter whether you are buying new or used, both will be able to perform the same quality of image. Anything more will depend on your skills. When choosing the camera head to invest in the system, not in a compact camera. The camera, which has separate lenses and separate body, has much more to offer. Due to this the camera lenses are interchangeable, you can adapt the camera depending on what image you will perform and where it will be taken. Lenses you can then use with the new body which you will buy in future.
So what camera brand to choose?
Most lenses available on the market is from Canon and Nikon. They are more accessible and their quality is very good. But you do not have to be limited to this two brands. There are many different, such as Sony, Olympus or Kodak. It may be that in your area will be more available lenses of these brands. Brand selection is also very dependent on what lenses you choose. Canon or Nikon lenses have anti-shaking system build in by which making them more expensive.
What resolution should have our new camera, and what is the resolution?
Higher resolution is a larger picture. In reality, however, big part of this resolution is rejected for noise reduction and anti-shaking system. Good results can be obtained, for cameras with resolution from 6MP (mega pixels).
Is there a need to have a big display?
Most of the pictures you will not be able to check until you see them on the big screen. Any kind of blur and flaws will not be visible on the camera screen. It is not recommended to take the camera for its display. Surely you will not be watching movies on it. Is only as a preview. But always remember to do a couple of shots of the same object, you can then choose the best picture.
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