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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Photography Business Marketing - Ideas for Rapid Growth


Photography business marketing is something that the majority of photographers seem to ignore... they sweep it under the rug, because they don't consider themselves 'marketers', and marketing is for sleazy guys only interested in money...
But this is a recipe for disaster if you want a successful photography business!
The first thing you need to do is, eliminate your negative associations with marketing!
The fact is, your photography is great and you are doing a really great service for your clients. They always love your work and are happy to pay the price for a skilled and experienced photographer... YET, you feel bad about marketing.
Marketing is simply the act of telling others about your business and what you can do for them, and the delivering on that promise. You MUST get good at marketing to get more clients and create more joy in the lives of others!
Along the way, you'll also increase your income as a result of creating more value in other peoples lives, and you'll enjoy your work much more.
So... Bad Marketing...
This is what most photographers do... they simply copy what they see other photographers doing, and those photographers and copying what they see the big global corporations like Apple, Samsung and McDonald's doing. However they don't realize that this type of advertising requires enormous budgets in the hundreds of millions per year to start paying dividends. Simply not logical or practical for any photographer I've ever met!
These companies use "image based advertising", which is basically images that aim to evoke emotion and feeling, and they try to associate that to their brand, so that when you see their brand you have those same emotions. Photographers copy this by having ads that are basically filled with their logo, and some imagery, along with a phone number... but this simply doesn't get results!
So what Photography Business Marketing Works?
You need to start using "direct response style marketing". This is an ad style that is based around text and actually looks very plain. You're using words to grab and hold attention, rather than images.
You've heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", which is true... however well written words that create a picture in the readers mind are worth a thousand pictures! Because each reader is creating their own personal picture.
This is why direct response marketing works so ridiculously well!
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