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Thursday, 31 January 2013

How To Make Money With Selling Your Photos Online

The internet is just in its early stage and the growth in internet based commerce has resulted in a high demand for digital images. Professional photographers are well aware of this and they are constantly searching for ways to sell their work. And with success! Selling photos on the internet is one of them.
Do you think you have what it takes to be able to sell photos online? The answer is probably "No". But with a little research, some good equipment and the love for photography you have what it takes to start earning.
Selling photos online is called stock photography. Stock photos can be used legally by media and businesses. Nowadays, it's quite common for businesses to use stock photography websites to find digital images for their advertising. They can use it for magazines and websites to complement articles. Graphic artists use it for web design purposes. This means businesses can save a lot of money as compared to hiring professional photographers.
Is stock photography for everyone I hear you think? Well the answer is "Yes". You need to become a member of a stock photography website of course. But after doing that all you have to do is upload your photos that you think will sell. Every time someone buys one of your photos, you get paid a commission which is usually between 50%-80% of the amount paid. The commission varies and depends which stock photography website you sell your stock photos. The price of one stock photo is between 1-10 dollars. 1 to 10 dollars doesn't sound like much, but if you add up all the sales you get when you sell photos online each month, it can become a nice source of profit for your photography hobby. It can even become your full time income.
Things are starting to get interesting right? You probably still have doubts if you have what it takes to start earning selling your photos. I can give you some tips to get you started:
1. Good equipment 

It's obvious stock photography websites and their customers want good looking photos. A good digital camera is a must. You can search the web for advice which camera to buy. Read through photography forums and customer reviews.

2. Find out what stock photography websites are looking for 

A close-up picture of a rose might seem like a cool photo to you but is that what stock photography websites are looking for? They probably already have thousands of similar photos. Try and choose generic subjects. Do some research so you'll get an idea about what kind of photos actually sell online.

3. Take the photos 

You've got the right camera and you now what kind of photos are selling. Now it's time to start shooting. Take a lot of photos so that you'll have a good amount to select from.

4. Find a website to sell your photos to 

Register yourself to more than one stock photo website. The more the better Use Google and look for terms like 'places to sell photos online' or 'stock photography websites' etc.

5. Submit your photos 

After you've chosen the website you wish to use to sell photos online, it's time to submit your photos. Always make sure you follow ALL the rules the site has for submission.

So let's get started. Grab your camera and start shooting. Good luck selling photos online.
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