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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top Three Things That Make An Excellent Photo


In contrast to what most people believe, an excellent photo is not a product of the most expensive tools offered in the industry. It can be captured with the use of the oldest camera at hand so long as the one handling the equipment has great skills. A photographer, for that matter, is expected to have a keen eye that sees through the subject. He must also have the patience to bring the best out of his subject in achieving a portrait that can stir the hearts and minds of many.
There are many components which create a remarkable photograph when combined. Often times, they come neglected and as a result a big number of photos produced today do not even meet the purpose for which they were taken. Before we look into the photography elements, it is important to understand that the photographer himself must be geared in making prize-winning masterpieces through his camera lens. He must be fuelled by passion and persistence when dealing with his subjects. Inspiration, perception and timing must not leave his side as well. As for the images, you can use the following insights as your guide in creating or interpreting them.
This category includes details like depth, lines, perspective and shapes. When creating a shot, be keen about the boldest and widest lines and shapes found in your subject and its background. Adjust your camera lens to fit all the elements in one shot you are going to take. Lines are helpful in guiding the eyes of your viewers towards the very thing you want their attention focused. These lines may be traced from anything linear like pillars, trees or walkways. With the perspective, you can think of the most unusual angle from where you are going to shoot your image. A great perspective often results to an excellent photo that draws every viewer's attention.
Lighting can change the way a typical subject is seen. In fact, lighting can draw emotions from the viewers just like how grey scale and sepia can bring history back for some people. Instead of direct and straight lighting, try other techniques which can highlight your subject in a better or dramatic way. To achieve silhouettes, you can do some backlighting. When making the most out of natural light, you can simply open your window and let your subject sit where the light shines through for side lighting.
Emotions And Surprises
Emotions captured in images are priceless and timeless. While there is nothing wrong about capturing smiles, choose to catch sentimental emotions of bliss, fear and love for better image impact. Without a question, these elements make an excellent photo. Moving forward, anticipate surprises especially when you are shooting people. Great images are often products of random shots. Do you want to capture the tenderness of your subject's laughter? Or the agony in your subject's grief? Be ready for some candid moments that will unfold right before your eyes. Be quick to press the shutter anytime too.
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