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Friday, 18 January 2013

Putting Together Baby's First Photo Album


Every proud parent is convinced that their baby is the most beautiful in the world and, as such, they're keen to show off the photographs they take of the apple of their eye. From the moment they're born, right up to the photograph you take of them leaving for their first day at school, the chances are that you'll be on hand to record each and every moment, whether trivial or meaningful. Indeed, it's these seemingly 'unimportant' moments that often produce the most touching images, as they chronicle the careless moments doing thing like playing with your child or holding a sleeping baby cos and safe in your arms.

When you've amassed a collection of images like this, it's only natural that you should want to keep them somewhere which combines safety and security with ease of access. After all, images which are scattered around a multitude of electrical devices are likely to end up being ignored for long periods of time, as well as being at genuine risk of technological failure. It's for these reasons that many people, even in this digital age, like to have actual printed, tangible versions of the photographs they've taken. In the past, these would have been stuck in a scrapbook in order to make a baby album, and whilst such photo albums for babies were doubtless treasured by their parents, modern technology offers a solution which is just as meaningful but much more stylish.
Rather than having to make photo albums using glue, tape and paper, you can now create a photo book online using your digital images and having them printed to the very highest standards. Just like the kind of books for sale in book shops chronicling the lives of celebrities, these books will be printed on the finest paper in a way which captures every stunning detail, with the difference being that the subject of the book will be your own little star.
Once you've decided to print a book, you first have to select the images you want to include. The photo albums classic format is to advance in chronological order form baby's birth, marking all those early milestones in pictorial form, interspersed with images you've included just because you love the way they look so much. Whether you adhere to this approach, or adopt a more eclectic format, having selected the images you just have to upload them to the relevant website. There you'll find the software provided for designing your book, a daunting sounding process which has been reduced to a few simple choices, allowing you to select the size and shape of your book and then click and drag the relevant images into place on each page. You can even select frames and backgrounds to create a specific mood, and add text to let doting friends and relatives know exactly what they're looking at.
The finished book will be beautifully printed and bound, and will make a wonderful keepsake for you, or gift for a favorite aunt and uncle or the grandparents.
Whereas, a few years ago, if you wanted to create photo albums it mean getting to work with glue and tape, technology has brought about a revolution. Now anyone with a digital camera can create photo books of the kind which would once have been the preserve of publishers and professionals.

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