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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Macro Photography Tips For Beginners


People who are still starting out in photography should not be afraid to explore and get more creative as they go along. This will let you hone your skills further and enjoy your new passion moving forward.

If you want to veer away from the usual mode, you can now try the macro mode. Macro refers to photography at 1x magnification. It's a much closer shot than the close-up which mean it's life-size. By this, it means you are taking an image that appears the exact same size in real life. So if you love flowers, you would want to get a macro shot of one flower to show a more detailed image.
Using a Point and Shoot
As a beginner, you may think that one can only do macro photography using a DSLR camera. The truth is, you can actually do so even with just a compact point and shoot camera.
The first step is to choose the macro mode in your device. To those who still haven't explored this feature, it is the flower symbol in the control button. Once you've set it in the right mode, you can start shooting.
Unless you can hold your camera steadily without moving or shaking, it may be a good idea to use a tripod or monopod. This will help you capture clearly your subjects to show their details.
Focusing is also an essential aspect of macro photography. Make sure you focus first on your subject every time so it comes out crisp and clear in your photo. Using the manual mode is most ideal.
Composition is another thing. Experts recommend choosing a simple background so that your subject remains the main focus and does not compete with its surrounding. Keep in mind as well to use a smart position not like the usual to create drama in your images.
Do not ignore the lighting aspect as well. Using a flash may be good but only in certain situations. With compact cameras, however, it is vital to choose the time of day when taking photos. The best time is when there's much light such as late morning or early afternoon.
The Lens
The lens plays an important role in macro photography. The most commonly-used lens which every photographer should have is the 50mm. This type can help you take macro shots.
The 50mm lens, however, is best used together with close-up lenses or the so-called diopters and extension tubes.
Extension Tubes
As you progress in your macro photography hobby, you will surely be interested in getting more camera accessories and the extension tube is one of them. To give you a little idea of what this accessory is, it is a spacer installed between the camera and lens. The objective here is to increase magnification and the extension tube does that by moving the lens farther away from the film plane.
Take note of these steps and accessories as you will find them useful when you get more serious in your passion. Indeed going macro is one way of taking your best shots.
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