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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Learning to Smile For a Camera


We've all been in a photo shop and seen those smiling people prominently displayed in frames on the walls. Each one of them looks beautiful and sincere, giving the impression that they are having the best time of their lives. You might pause to wonder if you could ever smile so naturally in front of a camera. Because if we're perfectly honest, most of us find it stressful to have our picture taken. A good many of us just don't like how we look in photographs, that plastered-on smile and stiff pose that we force when we don't necessarily feel like smiling at all with a camera pointed in our direction. And of course, our photos turn out as stiff and unnatural as we feel inside.
However, professional photographers know that the secret of a winning picture is a genuine smile that comes from the heart. A smile like that will never ruin a picture. Even if we don't all feel beautiful, or you aren't as comfortable with your looks as you could be, your smile is unique and beautiful when it comes from genuine feeling. A real smile in a photograph is obviously appealing, letting your personal photographer capture the natural, most beautiful you.
So how do we get that natural smile to come out in photos? After all, a sterile photo studio does not inspire happy thoughts in most of us. Your family photographer is there specifically to help that gorgeous smile of yours come to the surface and shine. Your photographer can become your family photo coach, and put you in an environment that you find natural and relaxing, and then dare to ask you to expose some true feeling.
Your professional photographer's goal is to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as you would in your own home, and perhaps even coming to your own home to ensure it! But no matter where you decide to have your photo shoot, it is always more relaxing to be outdoors in your favourite family park, or walking the lanes of your town, or sitting in your own garden than it is to pose on a chair in a studio with a forced smile, feeling silly and self-conscious. As an expert, your photographer wants to set you somewhere natural where you can relax and be yourself, forgetting the camera and your fear of not looking your best.
If you choose your personal photographer carefully, he will become like an old friend, witnessing the happy moments in the life of your family, and the everyday moments too. He can become part of the background, catching those images that are most genuine and appealing. All you need to worry about is having a good time and let the expert do what he does best. Whether you walk hand in hand with your loved one or throw a bunch of leaves in the air, just do whatever you feel like doing! Be positive and creative! Be spontaneous! Have fun! It will only make your pictures more lively and genuine. If you feel like just walking and daydreaming, do it! There is something alluring in those dreamy eyes, especially when your mind is somewhere in a happy place.
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