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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Six Tips on Event Photography


As a photographer you are not just there to take pictures, but to create memories and capture those memories in your photos. I have been in many events, which I noticed a photographer as an extra person, taking the camera everywhere and just click away. Below are some basic tips to help you turning the event into a success story.
Get involved in the event
I believe a role of a photographer is to get involved and to bring life into the event, making every moment remembered, every frame cherished, and every click significant. When you get involved, you stamp your signature in every photo.
Do individual portraits
When at an event, people love to strike a pose. Let them be free and do a portrait pose. Give it a theme; Classic, movie character, funny, romantic and even erotica are people's top choices. This is one on one relation with everyone in the event. Not only they love this interaction, but also, the organizer would enjoy discovering you giving the guests the red velvet treatment and attention.
Use props
Props do magic. Hats, glass, cigarette, mustache, message card are simple strategic theme to get people excited and to take part. In any event everyone competes to get attention. What better way to involve them in their moment. A fun moment they never forget and they will share forever.
Look for candid shots
Other than taking wide shots of the entire event, look for candid shots. Each person at an event has a candid moment, which your camera brings to life. Always be ready and do it discreetly because if they see the camera, they try to behave and act cautiously.
Encourage the theme of the event
Whatever the theme of the event, blend with it and encourage it. Be involved and encourage the members to realize and appreciate the theme of the event.
Find special moments
In every occasion, you can find many unique moments that need expression through the camera's lens. Freeze this unique moment in your frame forever; The faces funny and strange impressions, the falling glass of Champagne on its way to the ground before it breaks and the funny wardrobe malfunction are some of the suggestions you can always find in every event. Use the zoom in feature and get the target object as close as possible for the best result.
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