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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dog Photography - Capture The Beauty Of Your Pets


Dogs are perhaps one of the most difficult subjects for photography. Just like small children, you can't really expect them to sit still long enough for a good photograph-they're most likely going to fidget, run around and be distracted by an interesting object somewhere else, even with repeated requests to hold still. In addition, dogs also easily become fatigued during lengthy photography sessions, just like little babies and toddlers. But despite the difficulty in taking pictures of pets, the effort is still worthwhile and many families always try to include their pets in their family photos or even their wedding gallery. After all, your beloved furry friend is still a part of your family and has created many memories with you that deserve to be immortalised in photos for the years to come.
For those who are planning on hosting a dog photography session with their beloved pooch, always keep in mind that the secret to getting good photos of such a difficult subject is to be prepared. It's very important to take treats with you and reward your pet especially when they are cooperative. Treats can keep your pet in a happy mood and maybe alleviate fatigue; in addition, you can also use treats to lure them into a position or pose that you prefer.
In addition to bringing along some treats, another tip to get good pet pictures is to use natural light. This tip is actually applicable for different situations-whether you're taking photos of your pet, real-life weddings, landscapes or still life. Natural light is best at bringing out lovely details, such as your pooch's big, warm eyes, and this also guarantees that colours will not look washed out. Most importantly, natural light will not scare your pet the way a bright and sudden flash would.
Another tip for taking pet photos is to always keep your pet's personality in mind. Just like people, your little furry beast will not be comfortable doing things that it doesn't really like-and this discomfort will likely be evident in photos. As such, if your pet simply loves to lounge around, take pictures of him doing just that. There is no point in forcing your pet to do something that he doesn't like as this will only make the session less enjoyable for both of you.
Lastly, always be patient. As mentioned earlier, pets are just like small children. They are always full of energy and could probably care less about how they look, so you can't really expect perfect pictures every single time. However, do remember that these minor imperfections-fur out of place, dirt in their paws-are the very things that make them who they are.

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