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Friday, 8 February 2013

Beach Portraits, Hints and Tips for an Awesome Session


In this article, we will introduce you to a few hints and tips that will make your family beach photography session go off without a hitch. We intend to share this knowledge with you, so your session will be amazing.
Please make sure you touch base with you photographer as soon as you arrive on vacation. As you well know cell phones are sometimes unreliable while on vacation, so it is critical you call and touch base on a land line in your condo. When you call to touch base, your photographers should go over essential things like directions to the beach you use, what to bring, what not to bring, etc.
The best tip we can offer in preparing for your session, is that you should allow the children to relax for the most part of the day. This simple tip, is the main reason most photography subjects look so fresh and relaxed. They have been lounging all day.
Sessions on the beach are often hot in nature. A cold water goes a long way, hint, hint. Bring a few for everyone, and you will stay much cooler during your beach session. Younger kids might even enjoy a break mid-season with a juice box, or similar drink.
Now onto the day of your session. Most all reputable photographers will demand you leave all personal items in the car. This includes cell phones, cigarettes, and cameras. Your photography session is going to be full of fun and exciting things, and any distraction is just that, A DISTRACTION. And though it should go unmentioned, it is not a good idea for adults to consume alcohol before the session.
Most importantly, relax, have fun, and enjoy your family beach photography session. The more fun you have, the more fun the memory. The session will be filled with some awesome moments.
We do recommend you also avoid tanning sprays if you do decide to lay out the day of your session. Even with a shower, they leave a residue that makes you appear shiny on film. Best to avoid them, your skin will thank you for it. The oils also soak into your skin, which in turn makes sand stick to you like crazy. Its touch to wipe off, and can slow down the progress of the session.
Please also bring baby wipes if you have a leaky baby. We all go through the age where things come up just as easily as things go down. So if you have a "leaky baby", it is a good tip to bring baby wipes!
Sand loves skin, and sticks to it often. Baby powder can prevent this. Before your session, lightly dust you legs with baby powder, and wipe off with towel until the powder residue is no visible. Like magic, the sand will now fall right off your legs. It just will not stick.
See, didn't we promise some good tips and hints. Now your session will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Have fun, and enjoy. It is these moments that make your memories last a lifetime.

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