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Friday, 1 February 2013

Learning to Pose Models Through Paper and Dolls

by Michael Abela

When I was of a younger age I use to pass many time drawing human figures on paper and cut them out.  Likewise I used to look up for actors, singers and celebrity photos in my aunt's magazines and cut them out too.

With a few cereal boxes by my side than I glued the photos onto the cardboard sides and made numerous standing up characters.  Little did I know that years later all this play time would reward me with insight in the human body and posture.

If you are one of the many that still find it difficult to pose a model, I suggest you spend some time playing around with these paper figurines. But what is the one particular thing you should be looking for in these paper models?

The answer is found in their shadows.  Standing the figurines in front of a hand held torch, one can observe the graceful lines of each particular pose.  Moreover, one should be careful in spotting the 'S' curve in various figurines and adopt them in your photo shoots.

If you do not have much time on your hands, you can always experiment with dolls and the like.  Only through observation, trail and error can one grasp certain concepts that are of vital importance. In understanding the way the human body moves, your model can be guided to pose more gracefully.

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

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