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Monday, 4 February 2013

Portrait Photography for Couples


Portrait photography is a wonderful chance for couples to create lasting images to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements or pregnancy. Or perhaps you just feel like a fun photo shoot with the one you love! Couples portrait photography sessions are an informal opportunity to capture these special moments together on film and can be adapted to a range of different situations.
Many couples choose portrait photography for a milestone in their relationship like an anniversary or engagement. You could even give a voucher for the photo session as a gift to surprise your other half. For couples who have just got engaged, a photo shoot is a fantastic way to get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding, and get to know your chosen photographer. You can also use the pictures from your photo session as 'save the date' cards or incorporate them into your wedding invitations or thank you cards.
You needn't be restricted to couples photo portraits in the studio either - lifestyle portrait photography is becoming more and more popular, and allows you to choose a location that is important to you. Perhaps you could have your portrait photographer come to your home and stage a photoshoot in familiar surroundings, or in your garden. Alternatively, why not celebrate the occasion at a place that is extra special to you - where you first met, where you married, or another venue that holds personal memories for you.
One of the nicest aspects of couples portrait photography is the fact that you have your partner with you - so even if you're feeling shy or nervous, you have your most trusted companion with you to coax out a natural, glowing smile. There's no reason why you have to pose or look directly at the camera, either. Sometimes the sweetest couples portraits are candid, with the subjects exchanging loving looks, or from a distance, embracing or holding hands. Your photographer may also take detail shots and close-ups to capture all the little glances and movements that show the depth of your relationship, and your surroundings.
To help you get into a relaxed mood, why not bring along your favourite music, or your special song as a couple? Sometimes photoshoots can be a great excuse for a mini party, and if you're celebrating a special occasion, you may even be able to bring some nibbles and a bottle of bubbly to really get rid of inhibitions in front of the camera!
Couples portrait photography is the perfect way to celebrate and treasure your relationship, whether you've been together for just a few months or many years.
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