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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Learn Basic And Essential Requirements To Be A Model

A modeling career can be highly rewarding and offers fantastic monetary benefits within a very short period of time. However, if you start off on the wrong note then you are in trouble.
Consider examining all requirements needed to be a model - this is an absolute must. Once you have taken care of this step, modeling becomes a more of a delight, especially if you become well known in the fashion world.
Meeting Basic Requirements Give Models A Good Start
Behind the world of glamour and good looks, models work very hard. They have to maintain a healthy body and skin tone.
Exercise is necessary to sustain physical attributes and the perfect figure.
A healthy diet keeps the skin glowing.
Cover these basics well, and you are well on your way to getting a good first break.
Newcomers must have the required physical characteristics before entering the world of modeling, especially if they are female and are looking at walking the runway.
Height - A minimum height requirement of 5' 8" is necessary for high-profile assignments like fashion or runway modeling.
Slightly shorter stature may work for specific assignments, but body structure should highlight a good, well-proportioned figure.
Hair - Must not have split ends. Grow long hair, if needed.
Teeth - Maintain straight, white teeth, and keep flashing a smile.
Decide On Modeling Career Options With Limitations In Mind
It pays to do a bit of groundwork and identify exactly what is needed for a specific field within modeling.
You may have a beautiful face but may need touch-up to appear more photogenic.
Now is the time to identify the perfect look and then go for an audition. There is plenty of scope, so browse the Internet to gather valuable information on different aspects of modeling.
Here are several categories you could consider depending on your interests and physical attributes.
  • Runway
  • High Fashion
  • Beauty and Glamour
  • Body Parts Modeling
  • Teen Modeling
  • Plus Size Modeling
  • Catalogue
  • Commercial
  • Petite Modeling
Entry into modeling is possible only if you meet requisites defined for each category. Body parts modeling may allow you to model your hands, feet, and other body parts.
It is obvious specific requirements must be fulfilled. Similarly, modeling for leading fashion companies may expect you to have particular traits and skills such as having a dynamic stage persona or the ability to give an assortment of facial expressions.
Having The Right Attitude Helps
Professionalism is the key to success in modeling. There is no room for error in terms of preparation or maintaining good health.
Competition is stiff. If you are not available, there is always someone ready as a replacement. It does pay to be punctual, dressed for current fashion trends, and willing to work beyond normal working hours to complete an assignment.
The Travel Model
Travelling is often required. Some prefer to work locally. Assignments may then be limited to local brands.
For example, the best modeling gigs would come through agencies like Ford. Top recruiters require models to travel quickly and still look fresh for the assignment.
These are personality traits developed by working for some time in the field.
However, it is not difficult to fulfill all requirements to be a model, if you have the right attitude and fit the part.

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