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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Camera Tips - Cleaning Your Lenses


Photography is definitely a question of education, experience and talent, but the photographic equipment is also equally important, as photographers need the best tools to express their vision. Many people know that you have to take care and maintain the photo equipment, but not so many know why you have to do it and how to do it correctly.
One of the most important tasks is to keep the lenses in perfect condition and cleaning your lenses should always be on top of your list. There are a number of reasons behind this and also there are special ways to do it.
First of all, contrary to popular belief, the photo lenses are not completely shielded from all external damaging factors. While the best lenses are sealed in the interior, the exterior can collect dust, fingerprints and a whole lot of other things during use, as well as during storage.
With time, if left unattended, the lenses can deteriorate and this translates to reduced quality of the photographs, as well as a shorter lifespan. If you have been photographing for some time, you surely noticed some specks of dust or dirt that show up on an image right when you prepare to edit it. While sometimes these can be easily edited out, they can sometimes ruin entire image sets. The best professional photographers know that clean lenses mean better photos.
Here are a few tips and advice about cleaning your lenses. The best tip is to learn to do it first and this can be done in various ways, both by reading articles like this one, as well as asking experienced photographers, looking at video tutorials or going to specialized shops that can show you. The second best tip is to always use dedicated cleaning products.
It is not recommended to use stuff that you usually use to clean your glasses or laptop screen and you should never use something improvised by yourself. You could end up making more damage to the lens than cleaning it. There are special products available and they are usually pretty cheap. Just search online or ask your local digital camera vendor.
Besides using the right equipment, cleaning your lenses should also be done the right way. Make sure you follow some simple steps and you should be alright. Try to be as gentle as possible, without pressing too hard and wipe the dust or smudges away. Never clean your lenses when they are dry, so use the solution usually included in all cleaning kits. Also, try to do it periodically, depending on how frequent you use them.
It is important to do this every time you return from a photographic trip in nature or very dusty/dirty environments. Also, if you have to photograph an important event, clean your lenses before the event and each time you notice they get dirty. As a general rule, try to clean them every one or two weeks. These are just the most basic tips about why it is important to clean your photo lenses and how to do it correctly.

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