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Monday, 23 January 2012

7 Ways a Model Can Turn a Photo Shoot Into a Nightmare - Simple Rules for a Successful Photo Shoot

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Petra Nemcova
Occasionally I come across models that out of carelessness and neglect they manage to turn a prospective photo shoot into a nightmare. Simple situations that could have been easily avoided turn to be the crux for a failed session. There are unwritten rules that are obvious for some but not for others when shooting a session. It is high time that these rules are put down in writing and followed rigorously. I am sharing these rules with both models and photographers in mind.

Never Try to Fit In Clothes Smaller Than Your Size

If a model is a size 12 there is no point in wearing size 10 or 8 dresses. This would only make things worse. Dressing appropriate clothing according to one's figure is vital. A girl with a heavy bust should make sure that her shirt buttons up nicely and underwear fits properly. If a model has thicker legs direct her to go for longer dresses or trousers.

On the other hand, if your model still persists to wear certain sizes and styles one can consider other measures. If the shooting is being planned well in advance, one can easily enrol at a local gym and follow a programme intended for one's needs. Nothing is impossible if the model is committed and willing to do it.

Do Not Drink and Smoke

Any responsible model should avoid drinking or smoking heavily the night before a photo shoot. It would be difficult for the model to follow your directions and concentrate on the job. In short, the model will not give her best and perform poorly. It is important that a model is in a sober state when doing the session.

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Do Not Eat Before a Photo Shoot

Eating a snack is fine; on the contrary eating a three course meal would make the model look sleepy and tired. Heavy meals before a photo shoot should be avoided. A bloated model would likely be less able to perform awkward and demanding poses.

Never Try a New Brand of Make Up on the Day

The make up should be tried and tested way before the actual photo shoot. Particularly this is very valid if the model is going to work with a different brand of make up. Skin or other reactions arising from non compatible products is not uncommon.

Do Not Get Sun Burned

If a model intends to wear off shoulders, tank tops, boob tubes and other revealing clothing special attention should be given when sun bathing. Whereas a nice evenly golden tan is encouraged, sun burns should be avoided at all costs. It is imperative that the appropriate sun screens are used and mid day sun bathing avoided.

Do Not Wax Before a Photo Shoot

If waxing is done the night before, the results are a reddish skin covered with goose bumps. This is definitely unattractive and not always possible to cover it up with make up. Any waxing should be planned days before.

Last But Not Least Get Ample Sleep

In order for a model to be alert and manage to focus on her photo shoot she must get the right amount of sleep. A couple of days before the shooting the model should be getting roughly a solid 8 hours sleep every night. This means that a model should keep away from partying till the early hours!

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Most of the points mentioned above are pretty obvious when you think about it. Still many tend to oversee them, be it by choice or by neglect. The end results are most of the time disappointing photo sessions. In making sure that you are not let down, next time you plan you photo shoot make sure that you check these guides.

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Author: Michael Abela

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