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Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to Find a Model for Your Microstock Online Photos

There is a particular niche that you as a photographer need to consider, if you want to be successful when submitting work for any of the many micro stock agencies on the internet. I am referring to those photos, where you have people doing an everyday thing, interacting with each other, practicing a sport or executing a profession or skill at their respective workplace. In order to be capable to produce these types of photos there is a crucial factor. You need a model.

If you are still new in this area, most probably you are lost as from where to start looking for a model and how to eventually proceed. After reading the following helpful tips, I am sure you will be more confident about the way you should approach and tackle this issue.

Finding the Right Model

Christine Veronica
A very straight forward option would be to approach a model agency and you hire your model. Needless to say, since you still testing the waters, this would turn out to be too expensive and too intimidating. Models working for agencies are seasoned models with a number of years of experience under their belts. These are usually paid by the hour, so if you do not plan your session well ahead and work efficiently, it can cost you a fortune. If it is not an assignment that you know your income beforehand, in order to calculate your expenses, I suggest you stay away from agencies at this stage.

But who said you need a professional model? In fact, you will do better with less experienced models for these types of photos. After all, you are not shooting fashion or portrait photos. The model most of the time will be part of a scenario or act when shooting for a micro stock agency. Typical photos would portrait the model typing, answering a phone, handling files or conducting a meeting. So where do you find these inexperienced models?

Drama and Modelling Schools

Here your chances are that you will find models that are eager to build up and compile their portfolio. Like you, they are still inexperienced and are not willing to pay high fees for a 'professional' session. The model would pose quite gladly for your micro stock assignments in exchange for your service and a portfolio on a DVD or a set of prints. This way both you and the model would benefit.

Marisa Miller
Work Colleagues

You will be amazed by the number of people around you, at work, that would pose for you for free out of sheer adventure, experience and a couple of prints. You can try and ask politely your superiors to circulate an email or put a notice on your office notice board, for any models that might be interested to pose for you. It is important that this does not create any conflicting interests with your job. Always seek your superiors' approval.

Family Members

This is the cheapest you can go. Possible candidates can be your parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles and aunties. You can extend this to friends of your family members. Make yourself accessible to them in order for them to be more co operative. Offer your service to them on particular occasions such as parties, holy communions, confirmations and engagements. Again, this is a two way symbiotic relationship where by which everyone tends to profit.

It's important to keep in mind, that for every person that is recognisable in a photo, it must be accompanied by a model release form. It is essential that you upload the relative model release forms when submitting photos for reviewing. In its absence your work will be rejected.

Another important aspect that must not be overviewed, is the way you pose your models. It is imperative that you have a degree of expertise in the subject. This way you avoid being stuck behind the camera when facing models.

Irina Shayk

Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.1  by Malcolm Boone is a unique and practical tool which will guide you step by step, in mastering the art of posing a model.  I strongly suggest that you give it a thorough look.  It is definitely worth the money!

Author: Michael Abela

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