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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

How to Create Microstock Photos That Sell - The One and Only Tip That You Need to Know

A few months ago while at the market, I have come across an old friend of mine. For a short period of time, we use to meet at university between lectures and observe ads on notice boards. It turned out that a good 75 percent of these adverts were looking for other students to share their rented apartment. What all these adverts lacked, was a good description of the apartment.

Instinctively we realized that these adverts were not getting the message across. In due course, we contacted those interested in sharing their rent and offered our photographic service and idea. Soon photos of apartments were popping up all over the notice boards, with just a title and a contact number. Did it work out for the seller? Sure it did, the positive feedback they got was overwhelming. The photos just did the talking.

Good photos must be marketable!

Ana Hickmann
What is the whole point behind this little story? A good marketable photo must be able to sell. Our minds are all the time being bombarded by photos everywhere we look. On the internet, billboards, brochures, newsletters, magazines and what have you. It is crucial that your photos stand out from the crowd. A photo is not a picture. A picture depicts a subject while a saleable photo should entice the viewer in wanting what is being offered.

Time and time again we come across technically perfect photos but yet they do not deliver. A perfect photo is one that tells a story and leads the watcher into a journey, making the viewer wanting more. These are the type of photos microstock houses are always on the look out. They are not searching for snap shoots and point-and-shoot pictures.

Planning is crucial

In producing such marketable photos one must put thought and plan a photo accordingly. Going back to my little story, when we shot the apartments we took care of every detail. We included the human touch by including persons doing everyday jobs, like watching TV or cooking in the kitchen. It was made sure that merits and any advantages of each and every particular apartment were brought out. The time of the shooting, quality of light and type of gear, as for the technical part, were all taken into consideration.

Ana Hickmann
To sum it all up, in creating viable photos, thought, time and planning are needed. If you just squeeze in a couple of shoots in your very limited spare time, the chances are that you would not create anything that is saleable. Commit yourself and success is guaranteed.

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Author: Michael Abela

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