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Monday, 16 February 2015

Posing Figures Under the Lens

Over these last few years I have received many encouraging comments about my blog and the way it help many photographers working in this field..For this I am very thankful. Also, I have been asked by many to get deeper on specific posing figures.

In view of this, over the coming weeks I will be presenting a number of posing diagrams so that together we will analyse them in more detail.

Over the Shoulder

This style of posing, though simple, it is very powerful and thrilling. It is practical for portraits, half-shots as well as full-shots.

              Diagram thanks to DigitalPhotographySchool

Models with sharp facial features tend to add a dramatic effect to this style. In addition, since the model is looking over her shoulder, from the corners of her eyes, it brings out a stronger eye contact with the viewer.

Particular attention must be given in the way the head is posed and the degree of inclination of the head, so that the model feels comfortable. The last thing you want is an uneasy model with a painful expression!

Another thing to watch out are shadowed areas such as under the eyes. Reflected natural light from the side or a softened flash will keep those dark areas away.

Moreover, make sure that the hair does not block your model's eyes.  Though using this style in a way to intentionally cover slightly or hide completely one of your model's eyes, might bring out a certain effect; this should be used sparingly.

Lastly it is good to mention that this type of posing is great for hair styling photography, make-up and fashion jewelry accessories photography.

Next time we will talk about combining the hands with the face with style.

Meanwhile, if you would like to expand your knowledge about this subject I invite you to have a look at this comprehensive product.  It is worth all the money!

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